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You have decided to end your marriage. No one gets married with the intention of getting a divorce one day, but sometimes despite our best efforts, a marriage just won’t work – and the only resolution is to end it. If you are thinking about or are currently going through a divorce, you are likely upset and confused. There are many issues that must be sorted out, even if your marriage is ending amicably. If you have children, the custody and support amounts must be decided upon. In addition, alimony or spousal support must be decided on and property distribution must occur.

Throughout any divorce process, whether it is a mutual consent, no-fault divorce or a contested divorce, you will need a skilled and experienced divorce attorney who can protect your interests and make sure the entire process goes smoothly.

Child Support

Child support is money given to help in the cost of support of the child/ren. One parent may have sole or partial custody of the child/ren and receive child support from the other parent. Even if custody is joint, one party may be obligated to pay child support for the time during which the child/ren are in the custody of the other party. Many of the same factors considered in alimony are also considered for child support.

Child Custody

Child custody disputes determine which parent will have custody of the child/ren. Legal custody is often joint. Physical custody is the matter over which most custody battles occur. Physical custody is the determination of which parent will be the primary custodian.

Child custody hearings evaluate factors such as the suitability of each parent, the psychological, emotional, and developmental needs of the child, the ability of the parents to communicate with each other, the prior and continuing care the parents have given the child, parental support for the other parent’s relationship with the child, the wishes of the child (taking into account the child’s age and maturity level), the safety of the child, the geographic proximity of the parents, any custodial agreements of the parents, and any history of domestic abuse.

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Property Distribution

Property division is an aspect of divorce where the assets, property, and items of value owned by a couple are divided. In Georgia, the rule of law that governs this aspect of divorce is “equitable division.” Equitable division is that things be divided in equity. While property is often divided 50/50, equitable division allows for arguments that one party put more into the marriage than the other party and therefore deserves a greater portion of the assets.

An often overlooked aspect of property division is the division of debt. Debts are usually ascribed to the party that accrued them, but the same arguments that come into play in the division of assets are used in the division of debts. In debt division, ability to pay is also a frequent argument that is used.

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Also known as maintenance or support, alimony is awarded to provide for the needs of a spouse after the dissolution of marriage. Alimony may be awarded to either spouse with a few exceptions.

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